Every problem is different, and so must be every solution.  We have statisticians, evaluators, philosophers, strategists, and the tools required to solve whatever problem is at hand.   

We do not use “canned solutions” since we have never encountered “canned problems.” Rather, we do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible results. Even our continuous tracking studies are constantly evolving, adapting as new issues and topics arise. Since the world is fluid and dynamic, so too must the research employed to understand it.

At the end of the day, what matters most is the appropriateness of the solution given the challenge with which we were tasked. If we fail to consider the fabric that makes each organization what it is – what makes it tick, why it aspires to be what it is, and how everyone there comes together to make sure that happens – the effectiveness of a proposed research solution, even despite solid underpinnings, can easily fail.

Part of the problem-solving process is therefore to find that intersection of where research findings and client culture meet. That is the space where real value will be found, producing solutions that have not only business acumen, but solutions that are likely to be embraced and acted upon by the organization.


Our Products

While every project is unique because every client is unique, we have products that provide proven approaches to addressing challenges organizations often find challenging.



The Art of Medicine® program is a powerful tool for assessing and managing provider and staff performance at the individual level.



Large datasets gathered throughout the delivery of healthcare are filled with valuable information, but potential insights are not in plain view. Understanding the context, along with related data sources, is needed to extract those insights. With the right tools and experience, EHR data sources can yield tremendous insights for driving improvement.



When making a purchase decision, a brand’s strength plays a tremendous role. Is it well-known? Is it respected? How does it differ from the competition and is it different meaningful ways? Measuring, adjusting and adapting your brand image helps ensure relevancy, retention and growth.



Assessing and maximizing the patient experience is a complex mix of opportunities, involving every point of contact from setting up an appointment to post-visit billing issues. Improving patient satisfaction requires a high-level understanding of what drives visit satisfaction combined with performance measures at the front line.



The Art of Service® gives managers an in-depth understanding of how their organization is performing through the eyes of its patients, identifying clear areas of opportunity to improve over time.



When things have gone astray, just having information is not always helpful. Service alerts provide local leadership with real-time notifications when their scores fall below a set threshold, allowing them to be aware of problems early and resolve them quickly.



Being a good corporate citizen is important to most organizations, especially those whose primary mission is to benefit communities. Community Needs Assessments help ensure that the funding and deployment of services is done in areas where they will create the greatest community benefit.


Our Services


We offer innovative, customized research that provides a clear picture of your customers or employees. Our team of researchers is continuously developing new methods and techniques to obtain deeper and richer insights to support better marketing, operations and strategic decision-making.

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Research Stories 


An early warning system for doctors

Identifying performance issues and creating an alert system to limit the impact of negative experiences before they grow out of hand.


Research from an RV

How does an ethnographer bring clients into their subjects’ homes without affecting the research process? Park an RV outside for the clients to feel as though they are conducting the interview.


Demonstrating the Value of Baby Teeth

The teeth of children under six years of age are often overlooked, but they are critical to creating healthy habits and keeping cavities from spreading to adult teeth.


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